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We had damage caused by tornado winds to our home in Olathe, KS and these folks came along and offered to fix this and deal with the insurance Co. They fixed the roof okay then forgot to send us or the insurance company a bill... Then they call us 30 days after the fact demanding payment with 24 hours or they will put a lien on the house - All this without an itemized statement or verification of the work.

We did get them paid within a week after the property was inspected, but they still put a lien on the house, filed although they had cashed the check.

Now when asked to provide proof that lien has been removed they tell us to get lost.

Turns out they have all kinds of complaints against them. Check it out -

Monetary Loss: $6.

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While we always strive to meet the expectations of our customers and do the best job we can do, we do need co-operation from our customers on their part.

In this case the info is not accurate with our records. We sent the insurance company AND the customer invoice within 14 days of completion. The customer left for another state and did not have mail forwarded nor were we given an alternate address to send it. We only charge the amount agreed upon from the insurer and the deductible. The reason for the lien and demand was that we had not received that money and only have a limited time frame dictated by the state under which a lien is valid. A lien is merely a security to be paid, it does not show on any credit report. Furthermore, we had called the customer numerous times without a return call. We finally reached the customer by blocking our number. When the only way we can reach a customer who is not at the address we installed the roof is by blocking our number, we get nervous and secure our earned money by placing a lien.

The lien was requested to be removed immediately upon receiving payment. What the customer was told was that we cannot "remove" the lien instantly since it needs to be removed from record by the county and had to be done by an agency. We could only send them satisfaction immediately, which we did. No one told the customer to "get lost".

We are one of the few national companies in this industry. There are less than a handful that have been in business over 10 years. When you do tens of thousands of projects you will have a certain percentage of complaints. The BBB reflects that the amount of complaints is minimal in respect to the amount of work we have done, hence the A+ rating.

We are sorry the customer was not satisfied with our post work procedures to insure we receive the agreed upon funds for work completed as promised.

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